What are the benefits of Perspex®?

At Hampshire Plastics, we’ve spent the last 50 years offering bespoke engineering and fabrication skills to create new and exciting signs through our manufacturing and installation services.

This means that we know a thing or two about materials such as Perspex® . This is a wonder material, used to create a lot more than just signs.

Firstly, for those new to Perspex® here is a quick overview of what is is and what types of products use it!

What is Perspex®?

Perspex® is a premium acrylic that can be made available in a series of different colours – whichever suits your fancy.

To celebrate this popular material, our experts have decided to create this blog post on the advantages of Perspex®.

Perspex® can be used in a range of industries.

At Hampshire Plastics, our marine division often uses Perspex®  when manufacturing boat windows, screens and shields.

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What type of products are made from Perspex®?

You would be surprised by the number of products that are made from Perspex®.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Boat windows
  • Aeroplane canopies
  • Viewing windows at swimming pools
  • Aquariums
  • Safety helmets for push bikes
  • Greenhouses

What are the advantages of Perspex®?

There are many advantages of using Perspex®, especially in the creation of a sign, boat window, screen, helmet or greenhouse.

In this article we cover a range of advantages and benefits of Perspex®.

Perspex® is:

  • Highly durable
  • A ‘high shock’ material
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Clear and offers clarity
  • Recyclable, so good for the planet

Perspex® is highly durable

Boat windows, screens, greenhouses, and more need to withstand the great outdoors.

As a material, Perspex® is highly durable and can withstand a battering by the elements.

Bike helmets often get flung to the ground by their child owners, so they need to withstand the odd knock and scrape.

If you are looking for a durable material, then Perspex® is a perfect choice.

Perspex® is a ‘high shock’ material

When designing a sign, you’ll want to use high-quality materials, so the fact that Perspex® is ‘high shock’ means that it’s an ideal candidate.

High shock in layman’s terms means that the material won’t immediately shatter if it’s dropped onto the floor or subjected to harsh weather, for example.

This is practical for you as it means you aren’t paying for a sign that constantly has to be packed in bubble wrap.

High shock also means that the material does well under high temperatures.

This means that Perspex®  is perfect for us when we use tools that can generate heat to create patterns with the materials for a captivating sign.

Perspex® is waterproof and weather resistant

Earlier in this article, we highlight Perspex®’s durability.

It can take a battering by the elements for sure.

Furthermore, Perspex® is waterproof and weather resistant. Therefore, Perspex® is perfect for products to be used in an outdoor setting.

Perspex® products offer clarity

Often, different brands and companies want a sign from us that does something a little different.

We can use clear sheet Perspex®  cut to size to create translucent signs that incorporate all of your favourite colours.

You can even have a bespoke Perspex® sign created with a frosted finish for an extra little twist.

This means for you that a Perspex® sign is easy to style within your place of business, etc.

Perspex® is recyclable so good for the planet

Bespoke Perspex® is a material that fits in with today’s eco trends.

It’s a material that is widely recyclable so you can dispose of it in an eco-friendly way when you wish to upgrade your signage again.

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