Hampshire Plastics recently worked on a very unique project, tasked with designing a museum display case for every release of the Apple iPod. This case is only 1 of 2 unique units in the world, with Hampshire Plastics being the only company approved to manufacture these. Read on to find out how we created this extraordinary display case.

This acrylic display showcase pyramid was fabricated in five individual sections which would allow for transportation and ease of installation. We used clear cast acrylic as it has similar opacity to museum glass, but being a lighter material is much better for using as a wall display.

A range of bespoke acrylic floating brackets were designed and manufactured for each individual display item. These had to be bespoke to hold each version of the iPod perfectly level, and accounting for the way the technology had developed over the years. These were firstly designed by Hampshire Plastics, and then put forward to the client for them to check and test that the brackets would be suitable. Once we determined the best solution we then worked on constructing the full display unit to show over 100 different iPod models.

The floating displays brackets, in combination with the cases, are modular which means that brackets can be changed around should the case need to be updated at any point. Each case bracket is also removable from the overall pyramid, giving endless combinations of setup.

We finished the design with a brushed aluminium composite backboard and supports that fit in well with their installation space. Each showcase section was then fastened to other sections using screw fixings.

We can produce a range of bespoke plastic engineered installations, whether you are looking for a retail display, or want to show off a collection. If you think we’d be a good fit for your next project, get in touch today.

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