We recently helped a customer create a replacement flyscreen for their yacht. This required us to create something made to measure so it’d be a perfect replacement, whilst also using materials that will last and withstand the sea water.

The material that we chose was the 9T21 (tint) cast acrylic, in 8mm thick. This is a great material, from PerspexⓇ, that gives excellent optical clarity – even higher than glass! It is perfect for marine application as it is hard wearing and weather resistant, and the tint will help block out direct sunlight. Cast acrylic also weighs half as much as an equivalent glass panel, making both fabrication and installation much easier.

We manufactured the flyscreen using a drape mould. Drape moulding consists of heating plastic until it is malleable and then placing it over a mould. The plastic then takes the impression of the shape needed. Using custom tooling – created in house by our team – we could then drill the exact holes needed for the customer to install back onto their yacht. We supplied the final flyscreen in two sections for ease of transportation and installation.

You can view some photos of the final installation below:

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