In the world of agriculture and industrial machinery, innovation plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, productivity and operator safety. Recently, we had the privilege of working on a unique project – designing and manufacturing a custom rear screen replacement for a 1993 Ford 8240 tractor. This particular tractor serves a special purpose – launching yachts. The operator faces various weather conditions, making it essential to have a solution that ensures both safety and comfort. In response to this challenge, our team crafted a rear screen using Polycarbonate, providing not only enhanced safety but also a practical solution for all-weather operation.


The Need for Customisation

The 1993 Ford 8240 tractor is a workhorse in the maritime industry, responsible for launching yachts into the water. The operator of this specialised tractor needs to have access to external controls regardless of the weather conditions. Traditional screens were falling short in providing the necessary protection and ease of operation. Recognising the need for a customised solution, our team embarked on a journey to create a rear screen replacement that would address these challenges.

Material Selection: Polycarbonate for Safety & Durability

To ensure the highest level of safety, we chose Polycarbonate as the primary material for the rear screen replacement. Polycarbonate is known for its exceptional strength and impact resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications where safety is paramount. The use of this material adds an extra layer of protection, reducing the risk of damage and injury in case of unexpected events.


All-Weather Operation: The Added Hatch

Understanding the unique requirements of the tractor operator, we incorporated an added hatch in the rear screen replacement. This hatch serves a dual purpose: It allows the operator to control external functions while also providing a shield against adverse weather conditions. Now, the operator can stay dry and safe inside the tractor cabin, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient working environment.


Benefits of the Custom Rear Screen Replacement:

  1. Enhanced Safety: The Polycarbonate material offers superior impact resistance, reducing the risk of damage to the rear screen and ensuring the operator’s safety.
  2. All-Weather Operation: The added hatch enables the operator to control external functions even in challenging weather conditions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  3. Operator Comfort: With the ability to stay dry and protected from the elements, the operator can focus on the task at hand without being hindered by adverse weather.
  4. Durability: Polycarbonate is known for its durability, ensuring a long lifespan for the custom rear screen replacement, thereby reducing maintenance costs.


The Project

The successful completion of the custom rear screen replacement for the 1993 Ford 8240 Tractor exemplifies the importance of innovation in addressing specific challenges within the agriculture and industrial sectors. By prioritising safety, all-weather functionality, and operator comfort, our team has not only met but exceeded the expectations of our client. This project stands as a testament to the positive impact that tailored solutions can have on the efficiency and safety of specialised machinery. By keeping up with the latest materials, we can ensure even old machinery can stay operational and last for years to come.

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