finished acrylic boat screen

In a recent project, we had the pleasure of creating a truly custom-made undertaking. Our team embarked on an exciting journey to design and fabricate a modern glass-look acrylic screen, specially tailored for a magnificent Riva Scoiatollo speed boat. This bespoke project presented a unique challenge that we were eager to take on.

To ensure utmost precision and seamless fitting, the customer transported their speed boat to our premises in Portsmouth. This allowed us to work on-site to perform measurements and create an exact template of the screen’s desired dimensions, accounting for every curve and contour of the boat’s structure. The template became the blueprint that guided our subsequent fabrication.

We were determined to create a screen that would withstand the elements and endure the tests of time. To achieve this, we utilised high quality acrylic, carefully selected for its durability, impact resistance, and exceptional clarity. The resulting screen not only radiated a glass-like transparency but also possessed the strength to withstand rough waters and various weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable boating experience.

Upon completion, the newly crafted glass-look acrylic screen was installed onto the RIVA speed boat, seamlessly integrating with the wooden frame.

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