For many people, it is hard to imagine a sustainable plastic fabrication company. However, at Hampshire Signs & Plastics, we utilise our experience and our suppliers to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible. Our suppliers, such as Perspex® Distribution, are also doing all they can to contribute to a sustainable world.

We aim to use UK based suppliers wherever possible, minimising our carbon footprint by staying local. We are proud to support the Made In Britain initiative, keeping the British manufacturing community strong.

Working with recycled materials

Over 90% of Perspex® products are 100% recyclable. Perspex® are now also offering acrylic made from 100% recycled MMA, obtained from material scraps and waste. They are so confident in this product that they also offer a 10 year warranty. It has all the same properties as virgin cast acrylic, with high optical transparency, durability, and UV stability. Get in touch with us if you are interested in using this material on your next project.

We order bespoke size sheets of material, carefully planned for the projects we are working on. This means there are less off-cuts and wastage. Any off-cuts that we do produce can be sent away to be turned into other materials or products. We do this using a company who collects waste straight from our premises and turns them into plastic granules, ready to be put back into the manufacturing chain.

Creating solutions made to last

By using high quality materials, we can create products that are made to last. We work with clients to come up with the best material for the end use, through discussions about the end-use of the product, and research & development into new solutions.

If you have a plastic fabrication project coming up, and you are thinking about using more sustainable materials, please contact Hampshire Signs & Plastics and we would be happy to discuss further.

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