If your small business has taken off and you are struggling to keep up with demand for your amazing new product or service, bespoke manufacturing can be an efficient and practical way to grow your business. 

In this article, we look at the bespoke manufacturing process. We cover a range of topics with key considerations to:

  • How accessible it is for businesses
  • What options could work for your business


  • What is bespoke manufacturing?
  • Creating the perfect manufacturing solution
  • Finding a manufacturer
  • Examples of bespoke manufacturing
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What is bespoke manufacturing?

A bespoke manufacturing company, like Hampshire Plastics, will create a unique solution for clients, designing and creating a customised product that meets a set of specifications.

Manufacturing bespoke products can involve a wide range of technologies.

The technologies include:

  • Thermo & vacuum forming
  • Drape moulding
  • Bending
  • CNC profiling
  • Digital printing
  • Plastic engineering
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Marine plastic fabrication

Creating the perfect manufacturing solution

If you have a business idea that is working, increasing production by working with a bespoke manufacturer can be a fantastic way to increase your offering to clients.

Whether you need a new point of sale unit, display stands or a bespoke product for a client, working with a bespoke manufacturer allows you to access a far wider range of production methods and technologies which your business could not afford outright.

Finding a manufacturer of bespoke products

Bespoke manufacturing has become far more accessible for businesses with recent innovations in materials, engineering, and plastic fabrication.

Look for a company with a proven track record, like Hampshire Plastics and take a look at what previous projects they have completed for inspiration.

Experienced plastic manufacturers can create professional, innovative, and practical solutions for a wide range of businesses, from pharmaceutical companies to boat renovators and the possibilities really are endless.

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Examples of bespoke manufacturing

In context, here are ten examples of where bespoke manufacturing is relevant:

  1. Updating shop interiors
  2. Signage and fascia’s
  3. Trade show stands
  4. Point of sale units
  5. Boat windows
  6. Heater boxes
  7. Science laboratory incubators
  8. Sneeze guards and screens
  9. Splashbacks
  10. Staircases

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