Boat Hatch Covers & Liners in Marine Grade Plastics & Acrylic

Our boat hatch covers are perfect for enabling appropriate access to compartments below deck. Bespoke to your requirements, and priced affordably, the replacement boat hatch covers we design are made by a team, dedicated to customer service and providing value for money.


Fit-for-purpose, durable and reliable

Well designed and watertight, our boat hatch covers offer visual appeal and most importantly, the required functionality.

The products we design and manufacture cover:

  • Boat hatch liners
  • Boat hatch covers
  • Boat hatch replacements

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Boat hatch liners

Our heavy-duty boat hatch liners are designed to allow extra storage on your boat.

They are the perfect solution for dry or wet storage, enabling you to easily add drains and water intakes. They also make great live wells.

Our clear acrylic and high-impact marine plastic sheets are a cost-effective alternative to glass. They have all the right features and attributes at a more reasonable cost compared to glass alternatives.

The boat hatch liners we design and manufacture come in:

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Marine grade plastics

Boat Hatch Covers

Boat hatch covers help prevent water from getting into the boat and causing dampness and damage to property.

If you are looking for a professional company to manufacture a new or replacement boat hatch cover, get in touch with the Hampshire Plastics team today.

Our range of boat hatch covers come in:

  • Marine-grade plastics
  • Acrylic
  • Perspex®

Unrivaled marine industry experience

At Hampshire Plastics, we have been supplying the yacht industry, marine sector, and the general public with boat hatches covers, and liners for years.

Boat hatches are an essential feature of marine vessels. They allow the required movability on deck whilst protecting valuables stored below.

Hatch liners allow for additional storage, on your boat, where space is limited.

Marine grade plastics – changing an industry for the better

Over the years, industrial marine plastic fabrication has rewritten the methods for designing and manufacturing replacement boat hatches.  Marine plastics and acrylic are now the preferred material of choice.

Furthermore, marine plastics are a reliable, fit-for-purpose choice for boat lovers, and seafarers due to their customisable exterior, and ease of fabrication. Our boat hatch covers are designed to withstand the ever-changing conditions of the marine environment.

Our team can design and build replacement hatch covers to meet your exact requirements, complete with liners, holes, and vents.

Cost-effective and reliable, our replacement boat hatches will tick all the boxes you require.

The Hampshire Plastics timeline

As well as sourcing top grade materials, the thing that really sets us apart is our process. We’ve developed a clear timeline, so every aspect of producing and supplying your boat hatch liners project is covered without exception.

  • 1 The Project Brief
  • 2 Research
  • 3 Concept Development
  • 4 Design Process
  • 5 Sign-off
  • 6 Fit out

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    Boat hatches and liners – FAQs

    Looking to learn more ahead of making an enquiry? Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Never bought a replacement boat hatch or liner before?

    Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by our customers about boat hatch covers and liners

    • What is a boat hatch cover?
    • What is the purpose of a hatch on a boat?
    • Do I need covers on my deck hatches?
    • How do I maintain my hatch cover?
    • How do I buy one?
    • What is a boat hatch liner?

    What is a boat hatch cover?

    A hatch cover protects the acrylic lens of deck hatches on boats. It is a cover system for the outside of the hatch to prevent the destruction of the lens from the elements, such as the sun and heat.

    What is the purpose of a hatch on a boat?

    A boat hatch is the covering providing access to the storage and living space within a boat / motor yacht.

    Boat hatches are positioned on the deck of the vessel.

    Do I need covers on my deck hatches?

    Yes. The acrylic lens is vulnerable to damage from the elements.  Sun and heat cause crazing and to the hatch lens.

    How do I maintain my hatch cover?

    Good old-fashioned cloth, and soap and water. Don’t use bleach or other hatch detergents or chemicals.

    How do I buy one?

    Get in touch with us today via phone or send us a message via our contact form.

    What is a boat hatch liner?

    A boat hatch liner is the lining than helps keeps the hatch watertight and therefore reduces the risk of flooding and damp.

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