Boat Washboards – Plastic & Acrylic Options

Here at Hampshire Plastics, we design and manufacture a range of durable, reliable replacement boat washboards. Offering 1, 2 & 3 part Plastic or Acrylic boat washboards, our experienced team provides a fast, efficient service for owners of a range of motor yachts and boats.

Our boat washboards come in :

  • Perspex®
  • Acrylic
  • Highly durable plastic

Plastic and acrylic washboards are a much better alternative to wood as it provides security whilst allowing light into your cabin. For those looking for additional security, we can use a tint to make your washboard opaque to anyone passing by.

Furthermore, as an alternative to wood, plastic, and acrylic will not rot nor will it deteriorate.

Acrylic washboards for boats, yachts, and sailboats – What type of boats do we work with?

At Hampshire Plastics, we work with a range of boat owners and companies:

The different types of boats we design and manufacture washboards for include:

  • Yachts
  • Motor Yachts
  • Utility boats
  • Sailing boats

Acrylic washboards for yachts

Given our experience in the marine sector, the team at Hampshire Plastics are well placed to design and manufacture an acrylic washboard for your boat.

If you are looking for attention to detail, a fair price, and quality of workmanship, talk to us today about your requirements.

Acrylic washboards for sailing boats

If you own a sailing bat and require a new or replacement boat washboard, the Hampshire Plastics are on hand to help.

With vast experience in the marine sector, we designed and manufactured a vast number washboards of sailing boats / sailboats.

Looking to discuss a requirement?

Need a replacement boat washboard fast? The team at Hampshire Plastics is on hand to help.

The Hampshire Plastics timeline

As well as sourcing top grade materials, the thing that really sets us apart is our process. We’ve developed a clear timeline, so every aspect of producing and supplying your boat washboard project is covered without exception.

  • 1 The Project Brief
  • 2 Research
  • 3 Concept Development
  • 4 Design Process
  • 5 Sign-off
  • 6 Fit out

Acrylic & plastic boat washboards vs wood

If you are currently considering a wooden washboard for your boat, the following two sections will give you food for thought.

As mentioned above, plastic and acrylic are far more durable and reliable than wood.

Wood is easily scratched and will deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Furthermore, wooden washboards require regular sanding and varnishing.

The benefits and advantages of plastic washboards for boats, yachts, and sailing boats

Plastic and acrylic washboards offer a whole host of benefits and advantages over the traditional wooden variety.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Acrylic boat washboards let light into your cabin, whilst providing an amount of privacy when a tinted colour is chosen
  • Acrylic does not rot, in the same way as wood
  • Compared to wood, acrylic is incredibly strong and durable
  • Most acrylic and plastic boat washboards come in parts, making it easy to clean and store away when not needed
  • Acrylic and plastic require little maintenance

Plastic & Acrylic Boat Washboards – FAQs

There are a range of questions we are often asked by people when they are looking for boat washboards. These include:

  • How much will a replacement boat washboard cost?
  • Is plastic or wood better for boat washboards?
  • What materials are best for replacement boat washboards?
  • Why are washboards important?

How much will a replacement boat washboard cost?

There is no fixed price. Each boat is different, all requirements are unique.

The price relates to the materials needed, size of the finished article and specific requirements.

Is plastic or wood better for boat washboards?

Ultimately it is down to the individual.

Wooden washboards are best made using teak-faced marine ply, and acrylic is an alternative.

Although wooden washboards are treated, they can deteriorate over time without ongoing care and attention.

With plastic / acrylic, this issue is eradicated.

What materials are best for replacement boat washboards?

As mentioned above, we recommend acrylic / plastic due to it’s durability, cost, and the fact it is easy to clean.

Why are washboards important?

If you don’t have a washboard, you are risking the water tightness of the boat.

In simple terms, you are inviting flooding – not something you want to ever deal with. Let alone when out on the sea.

Need a new washboard for your boat? Get in touch today.

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