Plastic & Acrylic Fabrication

Hampshire Plastics, specialise in high-quality, bespoke plastic fabrication. As an experienced plastic fabrication company, we have mastered a variety of techniques over the years. These techniques ensure we create beautiful, made-to-measure products.

Experienced plastic fabrication company – bespoke product designs

Over the years, we’ve worked with a broad range of commercial and domestic clients. Our team produces plastic products, fit for various purposes.

As an experienced plastic fabrication company, there isn’t much we haven’t done before.

Perhaps you’re looking for a plastic product to accentuate the interior design of a unique contemporary home?

Or, maybe you’re an events professional who has been tasked with designing an entire exhibition stand?

Surprise us with your plastic product idea.

Whatever your requirements, our plastic fabrication team will work to your unique specifications. Our job is to bring your design ideas to life.

We are certain we will deliver!

Versatile materials, flexible moulding

Whatever you’re looking to create, our plastic fabrication team can help you turn your vision into reality.

Plastic is a versatile material and can be moulded into almost any form. It’s a popular material for a range of products, including:

  • Marine fixtures and fittings
  • Staircases
  • Point of sale displays
  • Shop counters

Hampshire Plastics are experts in plastic fabrication. We know which techniques to use across a range of settings. We also advise on the right types of plastic that should be used.

The result will be a stunning finished product. Consistently happy customers are what has enabled us to deliver these services for over 50 years.

Plastic fabrication service Free-of-charge advice

Looking for a plastic fabrication company to help you with a project? If you have a project that you’d like to discuss, give us a call.

cafe pastry display case with acrylic front

We’re always ready to bring your vision to life.

Our free-of-charge advice covers:

  • Proposed materials
  • Recommended processes
  • Timescales for delivery

You can also refer to our previous projects to help you make a decision. You will get an idea of the aesthetics plastic can help you to create.

Looking to discuss a requirement?

If you are in the process of starting your search for a supplier or are ready to kick off a project, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you.

Contact us now by calling 023 9248 6633.

Alternatively, send us an enquiry via our contact page or by filling in the form below:

    Plastic fabrication offers endless possibilities & contemporary aesthetics

    Plastic fabrication provides endless possibilities:

    • It’s extremely practical and durable. No other material offers the same resistance to the elements while offering the same lifespan.
    • It can be impressively beautiful. Check out our previous projects and you’ll quickly see how plastic can be manipulated to create anything from stunning residential interiors to awe-inspiring public sculptures

    Durable and robust plastic and acrylic fabrication

    Plastic is a highly durable alternative to glass. A key reason it is chosen on so many occasions.

    As an experienced plastic fabrication company, we work with some of the most robust plastics on the market. They are difficult to break, damage or scratch. Highly durable, fit-for-purpose

    Furthermore, our high-quality plastics are easy to clean and maintain. Making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Expert moulding of plastics

    Plastic moulding takes great skill and precision, and the best results are obtained by using the most up-to-date machinery and methods.

    Investing for our customers – ensuring unrivaled product quality

    We have invested in some of the most advanced machinery on the market.

    When combined with our deep knowledge of plastic fabrication, we produce some of the most desirable plastic products you’ll find on the market.

    Get in touch with us today, and find out how we can transform your design ideas into beautiful plastic items and displays.

    Plastic fabrication – FAQs

    Need a question or two answering before getting in touch to start a plastic fabrication project? Here are some useful FAQs. They are:

    • How much does plastic fabrication cost?
    • Is plastic cheaper than glass?
    • How long will the project take?
    • What type of plastic products can you make?
    • Can I discuss an idea with your team before committing to an order?
    • I’m not sure if plastic is the right material to use. What are the benefits?

    Find out the answers below.

    How much does plastic fabrication cost?

    Every project and product requirement is different. Therefore, we can’t provide an outline of costs right now. Plastic is a cheaper alternative to glass and is incredibly robust and durable. On this basis, plastic should be a cost-effective solution for your needs.

    Is plastic cheaper than glass?

    In short, yes. Plastics and acrylics are much more cost-effective than glass!

    How long will the project take?

    This all depends on the complexity and scale of your requirement. We offer free advice to all potential new customers, so why not give us a call today with an outline of your requirements and we should be able to guide you on project timeframes.

    What type of plastic products can you make?

    With plastic fabrication, the options are endless. There are too many to offer a list covering all of them. As an example, we design and fabricate a range of plastic products including:

    • Marine fixtures and fittings
    • Staircases
    • Point of sale displays
    • Shop counters
    • Showroom displays

    You can find more examples of the plastic products we design and fabricate in the gallery below.

    I'm not sure if plastic is the right material to use. What are the benefits?

    Again, any questions you have can be answered by our team of experts. There is a host of benefits to using plastic. Plastic is incredibly durable and reliable. It can also be easily moulded and manipulated to create the perfect product for your requirements.

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