Sneeze Screens & Guards from Hampshire Plastics

Any work environment now, and for the foreseeable future, our range of sneeze guards & Perspex screens will help you comply with Coronavirus regulations. This current situation is often described as the new normal.

This applies to locations where only staff are present, and where members of the public interact with employees.

Additional to other social distancing requirements, many business locations will need to provide physical, protective, barriers to keep both staff and the public safe.

Our range of sneeze guards & perspex screens will help deliver on this requirement.

Plastic sneeze guards & social distancing screens – helping clients adhere to Covid-19 requirements

Our experienced team is well aware these products are required to meet the specific location and environmental considerations for each site. These can vary greatly, from one site to another. The specific needs of each different working environment must be addressed during the design and delivery process.

Creating bespoke, made to size, plastic products for our clients is only part of the process. Our commitment to providing informed advice, without any commitment on your part, is part of our ethical standard.

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The benefits of installing sneeze screens & plastic guards

Sneeze guards and plastic screens are also referred to as social distancing screens. They offer a range of valuable features to help deliver the necessary protection. These include:

  • Plastic social distancing guards and screens that are are easy to install, clean, and sanitise on a regular basis
  • Delivering a high degree of protection where staff or public interaction is vital.
  • See-through panels offering unimpeded levels of visibility required for effective communication and normal working conduct
  • Products aiding the process of ensuring social distancing protocols are fully and constantly observed. An added, vital layer of virus protection for public-facing, businesses, or commercial operations
  • Reliable, robust acrylic screens. Easily installed in a variety of settings.
  • Desk mounted or free-standing, and swiftly moveable. Catering for changes in operational layout

These screens are a truly affordable way to comply with the regulations that allow you to restart or carry on with your business or commercial operations.

Locations that benefit from the installation of social distancing screens

There are a wide variety of places, settings, and circumstances where these sneeze screens offer powerful protection.

Possible locations benefitting from the usage include

  • Call centres and any operation where staff work in groups or interact internally
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms, surgeries, and consultation areas for health and other public facilities
  • Other customer and people facing environments, such as:
    • Cafes, restaurants, and bars
    • Small independent shops, or larger retail premises
    • Shopping centres
    • Gyms and leisure centres
    • Entertainment complexes
    • Outdoor locations such as farmers’ markets or food stands
    • Festivals, and local community events
    • Schools, colleges and universities, and other learning environments

If your specific business location is not included, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Hampshire Plastics timeline

As well as sourcing top grade materials, the thing that really sets us apart is our process. We’ve developed a clear timeline, so every aspect of producing and supplying your plastic screen guards is covered without exception.

  • 1 The Project Brief
  • 2 Research
  • 3 Concept Development
  • 4 Design Process
  • 5 Sign-off
  • 6 Fit out

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    Plastic Guards & Screens – FAQs

    Need a question or two answering before getting in touch? Here are some useful FAQs. They are:

    • What are the size requirements for sneeze guards?
    • How do you clean plastic sneeze guards?
    • What is a sneeze guard?
    • How do sneeze guards work?
    • When is a sneeze guard and screen required?

    Find out the answers below.

    What are the size requirements for sneeze guards?

    Typically, sneeze guards and screens should stand to reach the mouth height of an individual who is six feet tall. They should stand 5 feet from the floor and have visible notices on them reminding people to socially distance themselves.

    How do you clean plastic sneeze guards?

    Plastic & acrylic sneeze guards can be cleaned easily by using lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. We would also recommend using disinfectant.

    What is a sneeze guard?

    Sneeze guards are clear protective screens designed to reduce the exposure and spread of viruses caused by people sneezing, coughing or talking.

    How do sneeze guards work?

    Sneeze guards and social distancing screens offer protection from the spread of viruses by acting as a protective barrier to people on both sides of the screen. They are used in a variety of settings such as office receptions, shops, doctor’s waiting rooms, and more. They are attached to a desk or fitted as stand-alone screens.

    When is a sneeze guard and screen required?

    If you are operating a business or site with a high degree of human interaction, we would highly recommend a sneeze screen. From an ethical point of view, and considering the duty of care to protect staff and others, they are highly recommended.

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