In this short article, we cover 4 of the main benefits of bespoke motor yacht screens. There are few better ways to spend your time than out on the water in your luxury yacht, especially if the weather is good.

Staying safe while yachting is a vital aspect of enjoying your time, which makes durable yacht screens and windows an important component of any journey on the open water.

In terms of aesthetics, safety, and visual clarity, replacement motor yacht boat screens offer a host of benefits to your yachting experience.

What are the benefits & advantages of bespoke motor yacht screens?

The benefits and advantages of bespoke motor yacht screens are numerous. In this section of the article, we cover 4 core benefits of having a custom motor yacht screen.

Although there are lots of capable prefabricated yacht screens on the market, none of them will meet your needs to the letter.

This is especially true if you own a yacht that is not a common make or model, as parts become increasingly harder to find depending on the rarity of your vessel.

In many cases, going with a custom-made motor yacht screen will be the best option for your yacht.

Our marine plastics specialists can create bespoke designs that offer incredible benefits when out in the open water.

The main benefits of bespoke motor yacht screens we cover in this article are:

  • Streamlined design and fit
  • Improved visibility and safety
  • Aesthetics to compliment your taste

Streamlined design and fit

Aerodynamics plays a huge role in the overall performance of a yacht, with motor yacht screens often getting in the way of a streamlined design.

When you opt for a bespoke motor yacht screen, you will receive a screen that is designed to work with the shape, contours and aerodynamics of your yacht.

This ensures that the overall performance will not be affected by the addition of a motor yacht screen.

Improved visibility and safety

If you have spent any time out at sea, you will be aware of how strikingly bright the sun’s reflection can be on the surface of the water.

Bespoke motor yacht screens are designed with this in mind so that you can safely navigate waters with full visibility.

If you are out on the eater in all kinds of conditions, then improved visibility and safety is definitely one of the key benefits of bespoke motor yacht screens.

Aesthetics to complement your taste

It is no surprise that yachts are an expensive investment, so it makes sense to get every aspect of your yacht to your tastes.

When opting for a bespoke boat screen, you can have the designers create a screen that perfectly matches your current decor or tastes to the letter.


Bespoke motor yacht screens are highly durable.

Typically glass has always been considered the best option.

However, marine-grade plastics, acrylic, and Perspex are highly durable alternatives.

Summary: The benefits & advantages of bespoke motor yacht screens

Hopefully from reading this article you will have a solid insight into the main benefits and advantages of motor yacht screens.

If you are looking for exceptional quality, durability, and something that is pleasing to the eye, a bespoke / custom motor yacht screen is a perfect choice.

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