Hampshire Signs and Plastics are situated on the coast, so we are the go-to place for marine manufacture. Strength and durability are of the utmost importance for boat windscreens, as well as clarity and aesthetics. 

By working with independent owners and manufacturers, we understand how to fabricate the perfect boat windscreens for different vessels.

What are the benefits of custom boat windscreens?

There are many mass manufacturers of boat windscreens for specific vessels, but you won’t always get the best possible product this way.

With some models, the search can be very difficult, but custom boat windscreen manufacturing solves this problem.

They are designed by experts to complement the style and contours of your boat.

The benefits of custom boat screens are numerous

Here are 4 key benefits of custom bat screens:


We design custom boat windscreens that complement your vessel, and safety is our top priority.

This comes down to consistency, visibility and durability, and we tick every box.



Your favourite toy needs the very best to keep it looking stylish, and custom boat screens do just that.

When you commission a bespoke screen from us, there will be no compromise on style.


The fit must be streamlined to ensure maximum aerodynamics. This ensures maximum speed and fuel efficiency.


You need clarity, strength and durability to ensure your boat screen is fit for the marine environment. Things like UV rays, salt spray, moisture and wind need to be defended against, and plastic is the best material to do this.

What are the best plastics for boat screens and windshields?

Hampshire Signs and Plastics create custom screens from best-in-class plastics that are tough and cost-effective. The best materials for this application include:

  • Cast acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Clear pressed polished coated vinyl

Cast acrylic

Cast acrylic is a highly durable product and therefore the perfect choice for custom boat screens and windshields.

This is available in a range of thicknesses, tints and colours.

It is lightweight compared to glass, with up to 10x more impact resistance, and it has superb clarity and weather resistance.


Polycarbonate is the option for a replacement boat screen.

It is 250x stronger than glass with superb UV resistance. It is resistant to high-impact force, and it is very affordable to keep costs down.

As a cost-effective option, polycarbonate is one of the best plastics for custom boat screens and windscreens.

Clear pressed polished coated vinyl

Looking for a scratch-resistant option for your new or replacement boat windscreen.

This marine-grade window material is very flexible and scratch-resistant, and it can be rolled away when not in use.

It is also resistant to corrosive chemicals.

All in all, this makes polished vinyl one of the best types of marine plastic for a custom boat screen or windshield.

Summary: The benefits of custom boat windscreens

If you are looking for a custom boat screen, the range of marine plastics available provides a whole host of benefits.

They are safe, durable, aerodynamic and certainly look the part.

With choices ranging from cast acrylic, polycarbonate and coated vinyl, there are plenty of options to cover all budgets and requirements.

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