PVC wall cladding

PVC is the third most commonly used plastic after polyethylene and polypropylene. It can be used for a variety of applications.

One such application, is cladding, that can be used on walls or ceilings. This article will discuss the benefits of PVC cladding, that can be applied to domestic & commercial settings.

Installing PVC cladding

Installation of PVC cladding is quick, and is often used as an alternative for tiling, due to its water resistance. The sheets can be cut to size, and can be made to slot together (similar to some laminate floorings). This means there’s no need to grout.

No grouting not only saves time in the installation process, but it will save time in cleaning & maintenance as there will be no need for bleaching & scrubbing. This will also make for a much more hygienic area as there will be no mould build up. Not only is this ideal in a domestic setting (especially for families), but perfect for hygiene sensitive commercial environments such as schools, gyms, swimming pools, hospitals, nurseries & catering.

The smooth surface makes it easy to keep clean and bacteria free. With no cracks & crevices for germs to hide in, the area can be sanitised with just a soft cloth & a non-abrasive antibacterial cleaner, no scrubbing needed.

PVC customisation

PVC can come in a variety of colours. There’s no need to worry about your home appearing ‘clinical’, as colours can be selected to your taste. If you change your mind about the colour down the line, you should also know that the material is 100% recyclable. You can take it to a plastic recycling centre to prevent unnecessary landfill.

The most common use for PVC is in bathrooms & kitchens, where the environment can be damp. PVC can also be used in lofts, basements & garages due to its insulating properties, or elsewhere in the home on walls & ceilings to brighten the home & reflect light.

If you’re considering plastic cladding on your commercial or domestic property, contact us for more information or for a quote.

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