It can be difficult to get every detail of a retail display or point of sale unit right. After all, you need to sell a wide range of products, so a one size fits all solution isn’t necessarily going to do the job.

You can instead focus on using acrylic to get the perfect retail displays for your store, so read on to see the benefits of acrylic, and why acrylic displays are the best way forward.

In this article, we offer three reasons why you should use acrylic for retail displays.

Acrylic-based retail displays are sturdier than the alternatives

Many point of sale units are made from cardboard that has been built up using folded nets and strategic cuts.

This is a strong way of putting together a point of sale unit, but it comes with a simple weakness; it still relies on the strength of cardboard.

Acrylic, especially when put together in a way bespoke to the products you offer, can be incredibly sturdy. It can easily stand up to both day to day wear and even customers deliberately damaging your property.

Acrylic allows for more engaging and interesting designs

Using a bespoke acrylic option allows you to explore more interesting designs with your retail displays.

Thanks to the material’s ability to hold its own weight, you don’t run the risk of more decorative elements sagging as you might see with the use of cardboard for your units.

If you want to create a more striking or flamboyant unit to really sell your products to customers, there’s no better way to go than a bespoke acrylic unit.

Cardboard vs acrylic retail displays and POS units. You decide

Where typical cardboard structures have very few ways of being assembled, acrylic point of sale units can be assembled using a variety of methods.

From thermoforming to perfectly match a shape to drape moulding that ensures a consistent product every time, there are plenty of manufacturing options available to you.

This means that you can take more risks with your designs, and create far more interesting units.

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