Ever come across the term CNC Profiling and been confused as to what it means? Well, CNC stands for Computerised Numerical Control, while Profiling refers to a piece of engineering software.

Together, this means that a CNC Profiling machine is a tool used in industry to provide accurate cuttings that don’t require a human touch.

It’s one of the most economical tools used within the engineering profession, so our team at Hampshire Signs and Plastics have crafted this short blog post to tell you more about what it does.

What is CNC Profiling?

Before we get into the economics of CNC Profiling, gaining a greater understanding of what this tool actually is is a good place to start.

CNC Profiling is a metal plate cutting solution that aides the plasma and/or oxy-fuel technology involved to be able to cut through metal.

It’s a great piece of software to have on hand as it gives the machine added control over the product, dictating precise measurements about at which point the material has to be cut.

This results in an accurate, high-quality cut of materials such as mild and stainless steel that leaves both experts and our clients pleased.

When is CNC Profiling used?

CNC Profiling is a piece of software that can be attached to a wide number of engineering tools for added precision.

This can include CNC routers, lathes, mills, and grinders.

Essentially, it can be used on any tool where a technological hand may be preferred to a human one.

Is CNC Profiling cost-effective?

CNC Profiling is one of the most economical pieces of software in the engineering industry. The main reason for this is that it wastes less material.

By programming exact measurements into its cutting, the software ensures that only the parts of the material that are intended to be used, are used. In addition to this, CNC Profiling offers higher quality control, as less material is wasted on mistakes.

Looking to talk to a CNC Profiling specialist?

For more information on CNC Profiling or to discuss a requirement, contact our team at Hampshire Signs and Plastics today via sales@hspplastics.co.uk or call us on 023 9248 6633

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